Jonathan Halliday



About me

I am currently studying at John Abbott College in Graphic & Web Design. As of grade six, I was already toying around with photography, websites and animations, using tools such as iWeb and Adobe Muse. I then became fascinated in 3d environments, using applications such as Blender and Cinema4D. Since then, I've become very interested in web design and photography.

I've been enveloped in sports since I was born. I played soccer, and still coach it; I have been a natural runner, even though there was never any training involved(!!). As a family, we found a sport we could all train in together, and that was triathlon. Ever since triathlon was introduced to my daily diet, I became an avid sports photographer!

I am also an avid web designer and photographer, with extended knowledge in layout design, Photoshop and the Adobe Suite.

My Ambitions after Stage

First and foremost, I hope to join the workforce. A quick learner, I hope to join a team of strong designers and find a way to join their ranks.

Feel free to reach out via my contact page!